Introducing the Reflections SelfieSwing™ – a whole new way to swing with your child
while being in the moment and capturing live memories! This is the only face-to-face
swing that captures photos or videos, hands-free. (cell phone not included)

And the Totmates SelfieSwing™ – Siblings, cousins, besties and new friends
can swing together. Best of all, two children can swing at once while a parent only
has to push one swing!

Features & Benefits

• Recessed phone pocket allows for hands-free photos, video
or live chat, Toddlers will delight in viewing themselves both during and after their swing experience
• Side support bar permits easy entry and placement of child
in seat, also discourages users from crossing paths with other swings
• Both seats offer maximum comfort and support
• Exclusive patent-pending design
• Rotomolded design available in 15 color options and 22 metal accents
• Stainless steel chain, swing hangers, and hardware included
Reflections SelfieSwing
• Face-to-face interaction for parent and child
Totmates SelfieSwing
• Two fully enclosed tot seats comfortably support 2-5 year-olds
• Doubles the capacity of a swing bay, allowing more kids to swing!

Installation is also available for any of the products we offer. We have CPSI certified staff that can insure your playground is compliant with CPSC and ASTM public playground guidelines and that you will have a safe and fun play environment.


[one_half]Two amazing designs to chose from in 15 color options. This exclusive patent-pending swing design is fun and easy for both parents and kids.

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